Through our work all around the country at local, regional and national levels we have developed and now offer you a broad and deep set of skills and expertise. We will bring our specialties and our collective knowledge to your issues, providing you the very best and most creative of advice. We will work with you to build capacity and develop sustainable solutions so that you can move forward in new and positive ways. Whether you face challenges in your city or town, your foundation, your non-profit programs, your board or your professional community, we can help you pursue the best solutions.

Here are some examples of how we can help you:

Strategic Initiatives: We can take an idea, research and explore it, develop options and bring the possibilities back to you in written and graphic formats. These ideas can be directed towards making new policy or taking new action on the ground.

Program Development: We can help you develop projects or programs that will effectively implement your ideas on a local, regional or national level. Once you decide to pursue an idea, we can help you develop the organizational and programmatic structure for its implementation.

Engagement and Convenings: At the community levels, we offer a range of techniques and services to build more inclusive and effective citizen engagement. Within professional communities, we are also skilled at designing, leading and facilitating convenings focused on challenging issues and/or partnerships.

Community Planning: We have deep knowledge about community planning. We can help you develop long-term plans for growth and/or preservation that include and respect your constituents’ diverse input and dreams.

Effective Communication: We offer you new ways of reaching and engaging your audience(s) by using storytelling and a variety of social and more traditional media to inspire participation and action, and to spread the word in compelling ways.

Governance: If your Board is deadlocked, needs a better understanding about its role or could use more creative meetings, we offer deep expertise on non-profit structure and Board governance.

Evaluation: Through building statewide and national programs, we have learned what it takes to build and scale-up work and how to build a supportive evaluation program.

Capacity Building: We offer workshops in any and all of the above topics.  We will train your people or your constituencies so they can carry this work forward on their own.

Contact us at  to explore how we can work with you to creatively and thoroughly develop ideas, partnerships and programs that will greatly improve your individual and collective impact.