Our Philosophy

CC Image courtesy of kennymatic on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of kennymatic on Flickr

How many times in a public or partnership meeting have you listened to the same people drone on?

How often have you felt that a community decision has been made before the conversation even happened?

How tired are you of the lack of creativity and new ideas in discussions held in your office, your convenings or in your community?

How often have you had a great idea but not enough individual or organizational capacity to deeply consider and vet this opportunity that shouldn’t get away?

The frenzy of our times compels many of us to get more done instead of taking the time to get the “right” people in the room, to ask the right questions and to make the best, long-term plans and decisions. Bringing new voices into discussions about change is not easy; developing trust and confidence to build enduring and powerful partnerships takes patience; and creativity requires space…there is wisdom in the seemingly simplistic statement, “Go slow to go fast.”

We at Slow Communities have found that the knowledge you need is often right there in your organization, town or professional community, buried or overlooked. We help you to uncover that local expertise and experience by helping you to design open, creative avenues of participation and inclusion. Because perceptions develop quickly and are hard to dispel, careful planning right from the start will not only save you headaches and money later on, but will unleash incredible energy and opportunities for lasting success.

If you believe that great process is essential to great outcomes; if you believe in the wisdom of the crowds; if you want to build your town or organization’s capacity to steer change, then Slow Communities is the partner for you. Let us bring our innovative, effective and even (gasp) fun techniques and thinking to your town, foundation or non-profit.

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